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Choosing Iran's Next Supreme Leader

Mehdi Khalaji

While the Experts Assembly elected this month may be formally tasked with appointing the elderly Khamenei's successor, the real decision will likely be made by other power centers that could wind up controlling the new Supreme Leader.


The Truth About Sectarianism

Jacob Olidort

Rather than postulating alternatives to centuries-old sectarian doctrines, Washington should focus on preventing exploitative actors from institutionalizing their violent vision through schools and bureaucracies.

Holistic Strategies to Counter Violent Extremism

Presidential Study Group Reports

Rewriting the Narrative:

An Integrated Strategy for Counterradicalization

Rewriting the Narrative: An Integrated Strategy for Counterradicalization is the final report of the Task Force on Confronting the Ideology of Radical Extremism, a bipartisan, blue-ribbon commission of diplomats, legislators, strategists, scholars, and experts.

PolicyWatch 2152

An Innovative Approach to Countering Violent Extremism

Hedieh Mirahmadi

This article is part 2 of a series on violent extremism in the United States; read part 1, which discusses the Fort Hood case. Homegrown violent extremism (HVE) remains one of America's greatest national security threats. According to former homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano, "One of the most striking elements of...