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Fikra Forum

خلق الحوار. التأثير على السياسة.

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"Sorry, You Have Been out of Bounds”: A Profile of the Palestinian Youth Generation

Michael Milstein

In his work The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, (1895) French sociologist and social psychologist Gustave Le Bon writes, “The great upheavals which precede changes of civilisations… seem at first sight determined more especially by political transformations.” However, he argues, “A more attentive study of these events shows that behind their apparent causes the real cause is generally seen to be a profound modification in the ideas of the peoples.” A systematic tracking of underlying trends in Palestinian society apart from the common preoccupation with political and security issues reveals that Palestinian society is undergoing dramatic change of the kind described by Le Bon.

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Peaceful Transition in Sudan: Obstacles Along the Path

Faiz al-Sheikh al-Salik

Following months of unrest, protesters in Sudan were able to unseat not only Bashir, but also his initial successor, both of whom were the representatives of an extremist, ferocious and intransigent Islamist regime. Bashir fell after 30 years, and his deputy Lieutenant General Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf fell just a day after. But the Sudanese are still only halfway through their struggle.

Assad Is Not a Protector of the Church

Hadeel Oueis

As Assad tightens his grip on Syria and directs his troops to Idlib, his supporters have begun to spin new stories to justify the regime, presenting a distorted narrative of ‘religious tolerance’ under his rule. In fact, both Assad the father and Assad the son have had a much darker legacy in terms of their approach to religion.

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Co-Opting Politics in Morocco

Mohamed Chtatou

By and large, the Moroccan people do not reject the relationship between state and religion within Morocco because it is synonymous with stability, tolerance, and moderation. However, the more recent co-option of politics by the state is another matter.