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Fikra Forum

خلق الحوار. التأثير على السياسة.

Generating Dialogue. Impacting Policy.

Fikra Forum

Russia’s Investment in Syria Continues to Pay Dividends

John Saleh

Syria is the lynchpin of Russia’s attempts to shape the region in its own image by penetrating its economic and military apparatuses. The solidification of Russian influence in Syria matches efforts to influence other Arab states, including its efforts in Libya, Egypt, and even its recent attempts to work with Saudi Arabia.

A New Foreign Policy in Sudan: Status Quo or a Shift Towards the Gulf?

Jalal Selmi

When Sudanese Defense Minister Awad Ibn Auf issued a statement on April 11, 2019 revealing that Sudan’s longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir had resigned and that a military council would undertake a two-year "transitional governing period,” a number of indicators revealed a shift in domestic and regional attitudes that were likely to prevail among the leaders of the security agencies that participated in the establishment of the Military Council.

Fikra Forum

Assad Is Not a Protector of the Church

Hadeel Oueis

As Assad tightens his grip on Syria and directs his troops to Idlib, his supporters have begun to spin new stories to justify the regime, presenting a distorted narrative of ‘religious tolerance’ under his rule. In fact, both Assad the father and Assad the son have had a much darker legacy in terms of their approach to religion.

Fikra Forum

Co-Opting Politics in Morocco

Mohamed Chtatou

By and large, the Moroccan people do not reject the relationship between state and religion within Morocco because it is synonymous with stability, tolerance, and moderation. However, the more recent co-option of politics by the state is another matter.