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Fikra Forum

The Challenge of Sovereignty: The PMF and Iranian Entrenchment in Iraq

Haitham Numan

As tensions continue to escalate between the United States and Iran, Iraq finds itself struggling to maintain a balancing act. In an attempt to curb Iranian influence and respond to U.S. pressure, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has moved to integrate the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), or Hash al Shaabi, into the Iraqi Armed Forces.

Despite Challenges, Another Successful Step for Tunisian Democracy

Zied Bouchlaghem and Charles Thépaut

On Sunday, Tunisians voted in free and democratic elections, the country’s second ever since the revolution of 2011.The two top candidates will now face off in a second round of elections over the next couple of weeks to determine Tunisia’s next president. However, these initial results already signal that Tunisian voters are generally disenchanted with the country’s establishment candidates and are seeking alternatives.