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Fikra Forum

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Al-Hawl Camp: A Potential Incubator of the Next Generation of Extremism

Himbervan Kose

Detention facilities for individuals affiliated with jihadist groups in the Middle East have a history of transforming into incubators for the creation and rise of new jihadist organizations, which have proved more dangerous and robust—both in terms of economic strength and manpower—than before. These organizations, which were founded from the remnants of other jihadist groups, have expanded their scope, goals, and areas of operation.

Extrajudicial Killing of Ahwazis in Iran Continues Despite UN Condemnation

Rahim Hamid and Aaron Meyer

On July 18, 2019 Javaid Rehman, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, reported that “Arab Ahwazis have continued to be subjected to violations of their rights…. [as] Iranian authorities have reportedly applied broad national security laws to target human rights defenders and activists.” Since this announcement, extrajudicial killings of Ahwazi Arabs—activists and non-activists alike—has continued, representing a deteriorating situation in Iran for Ahwazi Arabs.