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Fikra Forum

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The United States Must Protect its Syrian Civilian Allies Before it’s Too Late

Nidal Betare

While most American media outlets are focusing on the military side of the problem, and as the European Union is panicking over the possibility of ISIS fighters fleeing to Europe, the consequences of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria for those civilians living in the northeastern region may be obscured. But it is no less important to discuss U.S. promises, now broken, to those Syrians who helped facilitate U.S. entry into Syria. The story of these Syrians on the ground is now one of a people abandoned and waiting for an uncertain fate.

Fikra Forum

Response to “Al-Hawl Camp: A Potential Incubator of the Next Generation of Extremism”

Hassan Mneimneh

Himbervan Kose, in his article “Al-Hawl Camp: A Potential Incubator of the Next Generation of Extremism” provides an apt description of the problem of radicalization at the al-Hawl camp of ISIS fighters and their families in Northeastern Syria along with several debatable pointers on how to address the issue. It is crucial, however, to underline that the current predicament faced by the Northeast Syrian Autonomous Region in al-Hawl is likely a deliberate part of ISIS’s strategy of tactical defeat rather than an incidental byproduct of warfare.