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Elana DeLozier

Research Fellow

Elana DeLozier is a Research Fellow in the Bernstein Program on Gulf and Energy Policy at The Washington Institute, where she specializes in nuclear weapons and proliferation, counterterrorism, and Gulf politics.


Elana DeLozier is a Research Fellow in the Bernstein Program on Gulf and Energy Policy at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where she specializes in Yemen; the Gulf states; and nuclear weapons and proliferation. She spent eight years in the Middle East (2011-2018) as a political analyst and trainer, including six years in the Gulf and two years in Lebanon. While abroad, she founded The Sage Institute for Foreign Affairs to train political analysts and make political analysis more accessible. She has taught graduate courses on nuclear proliferation, Gulf politics, and counterterrorism at New York University in New York City and at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. From 2006-2010, she served as the right hand to the commissioner of the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau as well as an intelligence analyst on nuclear issues and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. She started her career at the Brookings Institution.

Ms. DeLozier appears frequently in the media discussing the internal dynamics of Yemen, events in the Gulf, and Iran's nuclear program. She was recently selected as a member of the 2019 Mid-Career Cadre for CSIS’s Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI).

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M.A. and B.A. in political science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech).

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