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Saudi Arabia’s Powerful Prince Tours Asia—With Purpose

Simon Henderson

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The Hill

February 19, 2019

The trip has coincided with a new flare-up in India-Pakistan tensions, making Riyadh’s balancing act between regional rivals trickier than ever.

Saudi Arabia’s effective leader, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, this week is visiting Asia, and what a trip it is turning out to be. His late arrival in Pakistan, and intended next stop in India, were overshadowed by a terrorist attack in Kashmir in which 44 Indian paramilitaries died. Pakistan displayed injured innocence to India’s accusations of Pakistani involvement, but New Delhi is considering a military response. In the meantime, India increased tariffs on Pakistani goods by 200 percent and Islamabad on Monday withdrew its ambassador “for consultations.” We are not talking a nuclear exchange between the two South Asian giants—at least, not yet... 

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