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As Arab Leaders Warm toward Israel and Jews, Are Arab Publics Following?

Joseph Braude

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February 8, 2019

Arabs advocating a ‘peace between peoples’ still face high barriers and need help.

In the Arab Middle East, known, deservedly, as a global hub and disseminator of anti-Semitism, something is astir of immense interest and importance. First, the bad news—which is hardly news at all. Even as some Arab leaders are visibly warming toward Israel and Jews, the widespread culture of rejectionism and anti-Semitism persists at key levels of their societies. But then there’s the new news: across the region, seeds of an effort to challenge these problems have unmistakably been sprouting...

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Joseph Braude is founder of the Center for Peace Communications and author of the Washington Institute Policy Focus Reclamation: A Cultural Policy for Arab-Israeli Partnership.