Special Event: 50 Years Since the 1973 War

Podcast: New Season Debuts This Week

Breaking Hezbollah's Golden Rule Season 2 Cover Image
Podcast: Breaking Hezbollah's Golden Rule
Listen to the new season of a podcast series shining a bright light on the global terrorist and criminal activities that Lebanese Hezbollah would rather keep hidden from view.
Sep 18, 2023
  • Matthew Levitt

In Focus: Oslo at 30

An Inside Look at Rabin’s Oslo Expectations
A previously classified cabinet transcript reveals a mix of shrewd judgments, prophetic concerns, and miscalculations by the late prime minister.
Sep 15, 2023
  • David Makovsky
Oslo at 30-A Personal Perspective
The Oslo Accords were seriously flawed but now must be preserved. Some of the mistakes can probably be fixed over time to make sure the historic agreement does not remain a breakthrough into a dead end, but instead paves the way towards a stable compromise between Israel and the Palestinians.
Sep 5, 2023
  • Ehud Yaari
The Palestinian Authority, a Flawed but Necessary Legacy of Oslo
While insufficient, a collapse of the Oslo edifice would come with a hefty price for the Palestinians, not only as individuals but also as a people seeking self-determination.
Sep 7, 2023
  • Ghaith al-Omari
Oslo at 30: Looking Back and Ahead
A panel of former Israeli, Palestinian, and U.S. officials discuss the legacy and future of the Oslo Accords as a framework for achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace.
Sep 12, 2023
  • Neomi Neumann
  • Ghaith al-Omari
  • Dennis Ross
  • David Makovsky

New Study: The Definitive Political Biography of Iran's Supreme Leader

Khamenei present day, underneath: as a youth, with clerics, with military
Maps & Graphics
The Regent of Allah:
The authoritarian infrastructure honed over decades by the Supreme Leader is designed to outlast his time in office.
Jul 14, 2023
  • Mehdi Khalaji

Webcast With Israeli Opposition Leader Benny Gantz

Israeli Minister of Defense Benny Gantz - source: Israeli Ministry of Defense
Israel's Challenges at Home and Abroad: A View from the Opposition
Opposition leader and former defense minister Benny Gantz discusses Israel’s domestic political challenges, the triggers for action against Iran’s nuclear program, the prospects of normalization with Saudi Arabia, and more.
Jun 8, 2023
  • Benny Gantz
  • Robert Satloff
  • David Makovsky

Interactive Map: ISIS Global Activity

In Focus: U.S. Counterterrorism Policy in Africa

Islamic State forces, in convoy formation, declare allegiance to new caliph, 2023.
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Exploiting a "Vast Jihad Arena":
The offensive occurred amid a deteriorating security situation across the Sahel that will require creative U.S. responses.
Sep 26, 2023
  • Aaron Y. Zelin
  • Sarah Cahn

Arab Public Opinion 2014 to Today

Fikra Interactive Public Polling Platform Thumbnail
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TWI Interactive Polling Platform
Interactive datasets, from 2014 to today
Jun 30, 2022