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Israelis and Palestinians Must Realize That Each Needs to Give, Not Just Take

David Makovsky and Dennis Ross

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The Hill

July 6, 2020

Netanyahu is treating the Trump plan like a buffet where he can choose only the parts he likes.

The White House reportedly held a key meeting last week to decide on how to deal with Israeli annexation of territories allotted to it in the Trump Peace Plan. We have been critics of the plan, believing that by calling for the absorption of all 130 settlements, it makes separation of Israelis and Palestinians and a viable two state outcome nearly impossible. The Trump administration view is different, touting its plan as a credible and novel prescription for two states. But this is not the message Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is marketing in Israel now. While his ambassador here in Washington uses the language of two states, in Israel, those closest to Netanyahu in his party not only don’t use it, they deny there will be a Palestinian state...

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