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Between Protests and Power: Middle East Change and U.S. Interests

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2011 Soref Symposium


Amr al-Azm, Thomas E. Donilon, Robert Kagan, Hisham Kassem, Martin Kramer, James LaRocco, Robin Wright, Amos Yadlin, Dalia Ziada


In early 2011, the Middle East began a process of convulsive political change unlike any the region had witnessed in memory. Fueled by a heady mix of rage, frustration, hope, and promise, millions took to the street to shake the foundations of the modern Arab state.

To address this moment of opportunity and challenge, The Washington Institute brought together an unprecedented array of U.S. and Middle Eastern leaders, scholars, activists, and policy practitioners for the 2011 Soref Symposium. Collected summaries and prepared remarks from the on-the-record portion of the conference are now available as a free PDF compilation, in addition to audio and video of each panel and keynote speech.