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Action and Reaction: Royal Rhetoric Responds to the PJD

Sarah Feuer

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Baker Institute Issue Brief

May 25, 2018

The PJD and the monarchy will continue competing for stewardship of the reform process—and for the right to define what it means to be an Islamist party post-Arab Spring.

Morocco’s contemporary history is replete with examples of monarchs implementing policy changes in an effort to fulfill their own rhetorical commitments or fend off opposition groups. Thus, Rabat's rhetorical responses to the Justice and Development Party's rise are worth examining, both for what they suggest about the monarchy’s perception of its own vulnerabilities and because they ultimately helped to frame the environment in which the PJD and the government could operate. This paper explores the monarchy’s rhetorical responses to the PJD’s ascension and considers what these responses suggest about its evolving relationship with Morocco’s leading Islamist party...

To read the full text, download the PDF above. This paper was originally published by Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy.