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Coping with Change: The Middle East and the Second Obama Administration 2013 Soref Symposium

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May 9, 2013

The Washington Institute convened a broad array of policymakers, activists, scholars, and journalists from around the world for The Washington Institute's annual policy conference in Washington, DC.

The Washington Institute convened a select group of policymakers, journalists, diplomats, and experts for the 2013 Soref Symposium - a day of in-depth discussion and debate on the key issues facing America in the volatile Middle East.

U.S. Defense Policy in the Middle East

Chuck Hagel, U.S. secretary of defense

Instant Analysis: Commentary on Secretary Hagel's Remarks

David Rennie, Lexington columnist, Washington Bureau, The Economist
David Sanger, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and chief Washington correspondent, New York Times
Joby Warrick, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and national security reporter, Washington Post

Israel's New Government and the Challenges of Regional Security

Tzachi Hanegbi, member of the Knesset, Likud

Egypt's Revolution, Two Years On: Transition in Distress?

Anwar E. El Sadat, president, Reform and Development Party
In conversation with Dennis Ross, The Washington Institute

Inside Syria: The Battle Against Assad's Regime

Mouaz Moustafa, director, Syrian Emergency Task Force; board member, Coalition for a Democratic Syria
Louay Sakka, cofounder and board member, Syrian Support Group

Beijing, Moscow, and the Middle East

Alexander Shumilin, director, Center for the Analysis of Middle East Conflicts, Institute for U.S. and Canadian Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences; Fikra Forum contributor
Wu Bingbing, associate professor, Department of Arabic Language and Culture, Peking University

Israel and the Middle East's Shifting Energy Landscape

Sir Michael Leigh, consultant and senior advisor, German Marshall Fund, former director-general, European Commission
Brenda Shaffer, visiting researcher, Center for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies, Georgetown University