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Ultra Extremism Among Tunisian Jihadis Within the Islamic State

Aaron Y. Zelin

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February 18, 2020

A deeper look into how one of the organization's Tunisian factions in Syria adopted and practiced an even more radical distortion of Islamic thought than its parent group.

Many within Syria viewed Tunisians as more extreme relative to other foreign fighters. There is a twofold aspect to this. The first relates to the human rights violations that Tunisians have been involved in within Syria, which are not necessarily unique considering all of the human rights violations committed by members of IS, whether local or foreign. The second, which this article focuses on, relates to some Tunisians involved in an extremist trend within IS called the al-Hazimiya (Hazimis), named after the progenitor of the ideas these individuals follow, a Saudi religious scholar. Although some in the Tunisian jihadosphere claim that the spread of this trend is a consequence of the Tunisian government attempting to sully and divide the Tunisian jihadi movement, it is a bit more complicated than that... 

Read the full article on the Jihadica website, or learn more about the book from which it is excerpted, Your Sons Are at Your Service: Tunisia’s Missionaries of Jihad.