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Policy Notes 7

The Palestinian Bid for UN Membership: Rationale, Response, Repercussions

David Makovsky

Also available in العربية

September 2011

On September 23, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas is slated to address the United Nations to request full membership for the "State of Palestine." The Obama administration has pledged to veto any such move at the UN Security Council, but with a two-thirds majority vote of the General Assembly, the Palestinians may still win passage as a nonmember state. In this new Policy Note, David Makovsky spells out the motivations, strategies, and concerns of all parties involved, as well as possible implications for Israeli-Palestinian relations, U.S.-Palestinian relations, and the Arab-Israeli peace process.



the author

David Makovsky is the Ziegler distinguished fellow and director of the Project on the Middle East Peace Process at The Washington Institute. His most recent work includes the interactive map project Imagining the Border: Options for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Territorial Issue.

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