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Counterterrorism Lecture

The Evolving and Persistent Terrorism Threat to the Homeland

Matthew Alcoke

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November 19, 2019

The FBI’s top intelligence official shares his insights into how authorities and agencies are collaborating to keep the United States safe amid a shifting threat landscape.

Despite the successes that result from the hard work of the men and women of the FBI, our Joint Terrorism Task Forces, and our partners across the government, terrorism continues to pose a persistent threat to the homeland and our interests overseas. As we saw just recently, with the arrest of a man in Pueblo, Colorado, who allegedly planned to bomb a synagogue in furtherance of his ideology, lone actors pose a lethal terrorism threat to the American people. But this case also highlights the power of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, whose reach extends around the globe and is a force multiplier in the fight against terrorism. Together, with our partners, we stand shoulder to shoulder and remain vigilant against these threats. It’s been said, “It takes a network to defeat a network.” While the whole-of-government approach has been successful in mitigating many of the threats posed by overseas terrorism networks, a whole-of-society approach will be required to mitigate the evolving lone offender terrorism threat within our borders...

To read his full statement for the record, download the PDF above.