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Another Conference on Libya? Enforce the Arms Embargo Instead

Ben Fishman

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The Hill

September 9, 2019

Without a concerted international effort to ground UAVs and halt the flow of weapons, the UN will have minimal leverage to restart the country's long-stalled political transition.

Five months into Libya’s latest civil war, the violence continues unabated. Since Khalifa Haftar launched his attack on Tripoli in April, the war has left more than 1,100 dead and over 100,000 displaced. Meanwhile, the G-7 is calling for a “well-prepared international conference to bring together all the stakeholders and regional actors relevant to this conflict.” If the next conference employs the same strategy as previous ones, however, it will only repeat the same empty promises. For a conference to achieve a concrete result, it should focus on addressing one of the primary causes of the latest civil war: the blatant arming of both sides by outside actors in violation of a long-dormant UN Security Council arms embargo...

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