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Emrullah Uslu


Emrullah Uslu is a visiting fellow of the Turkish Research Program at The Washington Institute. He graduated from the Ankara Police Academy as an inspector in 1997 and worked in the Turkish National Police Counter-Terrorism Unit as a policy analyst. He earned an MA in journalism from Ankara University and an MA in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at the University of Utah.

In both his professional and academic work he has focused extensively on terrorism in Turkey, particularly Islamic and Kurdish terror networks (PKK and Hizballah). Mr. Uslu’s research interests include policing, Islamic and ethnic terrorism, and violence in social movements. 

Publications: • With Ercan Ozyigit, "Demokrasi ve Polis" (Democracy and Police), Yeni Turkiye Dergisi (New Turkey Journal),  vol. 17, Sep-Oct 1997, Democracy Special Edition • With Sevki Mese, "Insan Haklari ve Polis" (Human Rights and Police), Yeni Turkiye Dergisi (New Turkey Journal), vol. 21, May-June 1998, Human Rights Special Edition • With Bilal Sevinc, "Polis Gozuyle Medya" (Media in the Eye of Police), Turkish Journal of Police, 1999-2000, vol. 2 (5-6) • MED TV Kurtler ve PKK (MED TV Kurds and PKK), Hatay Polis Dergisi (Hatay Police Journal), v ol. 3, April 2001 • "Cihat ve Terorle Mucadele Yontemleri Elestirisi" (Jihad and Criticism of Combating Terror Policies), Hatay Polis Dergisi (Hatay Police Journal), vol.7, April 2003

Commentaries at Turkish Dailies: • "Uzlasmaci Polislik" (Mediating and Policing), Aksam (a leading newspaper in Turkey), July 21, 2003 • "Büyük Ortadou Plany´ nedir, ne deildir?" (What is/not the Greater Middle East Initiatives), Aksam, February 23, 2004 • "PKK Biterken" (End of PKK), Aksam, July 12, 2004 • "AB Sürecini ‘Birileri’ Sekteye Uratmak Istiyor" (Somebody Wants to Interrupt EU process), Zaman, August 20, 2004 • "Osman Baydemir'in Taziye Ziyareti ve Osman Öcalan'y´n yeni Orgütü" (Condolence visit of Oaman Baydemir and the new Kurdish Organization of Osman Ocalan), Aksam, August 28, 2004

Presentations: • “Militant Islamist's Transformation Journey in Turkey: From Local Hizbullah to Global Islamic Terror,” presented at the MESA 2004 annual conference, November 20-23, 2004 • “Execution Rituals of an Islamist Terror Organization: The Turkish Hizbullah," presented at Ottoman and Modern Turkish Lecture Series, Indiana University Bloomington, November 4, 2004 • “Islamic and Secular Terror for Kurdish Independence: The Case of the PKK and Hizbullah,” presented at the 2004 Middle East & Central Asia Conference, University of Utah, September 9-11, 2004 • “Kurdish Conflicts & Kurdish Identity,” 6th Annual Middle East Studies Conference, Center for Middle East Studies, March 20, 2004, University of California, Santa Barbara • “Combating Islamic Terrorism: The Case of the Turkish Hizbullah,” 2003 Middle East & Central Asia Politics, Economics, and Society Conference, University of Utah, October 16-18, 2003

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