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Nadia al-Sakkaf

Nadia al-Sakkaf became the Republic of Yemen’s first female Minister of Information in 2014. Prior to this role, she participated in several high-level government committee positions working on the political transition and the country’s future after the 2011 uprising. She was the only woman in the presidential committee of the National Dialogue Conference, which ended with a draft constitution for the new Yemen.

Beginning in 2005, al-Sakkaf was the editor-in-chief of the Yemen Times, the country's first and most widely-read independent English-language newspaper, and quickly became a leading voice in Yemen and worldwide media on issues of media, gender, development, and politics. She has won many national and international awards, including the Oslo Business for Peace Award in 2013, and the 2006 Gebran Tueni Award for professional media by the World Association of Newspapers and the An-Nahar newspaper in Lebanon. She also accepted, on behalf of the Yemen Times, the Free Media Pioneer from the International Press Institute in 2006. She is now working as a researcher with expertise on Yemen, gender, and development and is a Ph.D. candidate at the Political Science School at Reading University in the United Kingdom on the politics of gender policies in the Republic of Yemen. Al-Sakkaf is married and has two children.


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August 11, 2016


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