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Project Fikra: Defeating Extremism through the Power of Ideas

Fikra n. [Arabic] "Idea"

The Washington Institute's Project Fikra is a multiyear program of research, publication, and network-building designed to generate policy ideas for promoting positive change and countering the spread of extremism in the Middle East.

“We need a commitment to explicitly winning the battle of ideas.”

Former President Bill Clinton

A bold effort to expand the circle of dialogue, including new contributors far beyond the Institute's members or affiliates, the program seeks to inject creativity and new thinking into America's engagement with youth, media, educators, political activists, and other key actors struggling for openness and tolerance in Arab and Muslim societies. Project Fikra is led by Institute Kaufman fellow David Pollock.

At the forefront of this effort is Fikra Forum, a unique Arabic-English bilingual online platform that promotes exchanges between mainstream Muslims and Arab democrats and U.S. decisionmakers and opinion leaders.