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Policy Notes 22

Iran's Missile Arsenal and the Nuclear Negotiations

Farzin Nadimi

Also available in العربية

December 2014

The recently announced seven-month extension in nuclear talks grants the P5+1 time to strengthen its negotiating position on a number of fronts, including time to ensure checks on Iran’s ballistic missile capabilities. Here, creating a viable monitoring regime for Iranian missile efforts is essential -- simply limiting Iranian access to internationally available components and materials will not be adequate.

In this Institute Policy Note, Farzin Nadimi explores critical issues such as range, payload, accuracy, and indigenous technology as they relate to prospective Iranian missiles. He also accounts for a dueling history of Iranian misrepresentation and Western doubting of Iran’s missile advances.


Farzin Nadimi is a Washington-based analyst specializing in the security and defense affairs of Iran and the Persian Gulf region. He has published previously with The Washington Institute regarding Tehran’s naval warfare strategy and, writing as Fariborz Haghshenass, is the author of Policy Focus 87, Iran’s Asymmetric Naval Warfare.