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Nicholas A. Heras


Nicholas Heras is a Middle East analyst with the Jamestown Foundation and a research associate at the National Defense University, where he is working on an assess­ment of the impact of the Syrian crisis on the greater Middle East. In addition, he is a research analyst with Michael Moran & Associates, LLP, and an associate editor for the international affairs journal Fair Observer. Previously, he served as a Soref Fellow at The Washington Institute.

A former National Security Education Program David L. Boren Fellow, Heras has significant field experience in all regions of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, and has conducted extensive research on the sociocultural dynamics that impact the Syrian civil war and Syria's neighbors. A much-sought-after commentator, he is a regular contributor to the Jamestown Foundation's Terrorism Monitor and Militant Leadership Monitor. His work has also appeared in numerous publications, includ­ing, West Point's CTC Sentinel, UPI, Asia Times, Small Wars Journal, Long War Journal, and Middle East Report.

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