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Fikra Forum

Fikra Forum

خلق الحوار. التأثير على السياسة.

Generating Dialogue. Impacting Policy.

The Hard Reality of Civil Society in the Arab World

Mohamed Abdelaziz

Civil society organizations in the Arab world saw great development in the 1990s, when non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were actively engaged in amending the laws and regulations concerning them, reflecting positively on civic development. Consequently, these NGOs saw growth and prosperity in light of relative freedoms granted in several Arab countries, such as Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Bahrain.

Fikra Forum

The Iranian Zeitgeist: Success in Arab Media

Hassan Mneimneh

Iran resorts to multiple and contradictory narratives in its international outreach. Tehran is offered to the West as a natural ally against (Sunni) terrorism, while for the rest of the world it is a role model of self-sufficiency, if not autarky, in the face of the arrogant West. Iran is not unique in honing the art of branding and messaging to multiple audiences, even at the risk of incoherence.

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Whom Do Iraq’s Turkmen Parties Serve?

Muaffak Adil Omar

Despite being a key ethnic group in Iraq, the Turkmen have been denied legitimate rights since the founding of the modern Iraqi state. Until the fall of the Baath regime, Turkmen areas of residence were subject to discrimination, Arabization, and systematic neglect. After initial excitement and hope for the future upon the fall of the Baathists in 2003, Iraqi Turkmen continued to be marginalized by successive governments. To understand the Turkmen situation in Iraq, we must consider the Turkmen parties in the country and understand why they have failed to effectively and appropriately advocate for their people.

Fikra Forum

A Better Future for Syrian Kurdistan

Hassan Saleh

As the peaceful phase of the Syrian revolution gave way to a destructive sectarian conflict and terrorist organizations gained prominence, hundreds of thousands of Syrian Kurds fled to Iraqi Kurdistan seeking security and job opportunities.