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Fikra Forum

Fikra Forum

خلق الحوار. التأثير على السياسة.

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The View From Marrakesh: "Africans Against Islamic Extremism!"

David Pollock

This latest conclave provided some evidence that various African governments, NGOs, and expert advisers are not only fully aware of the problem, but also increasingly open to joint action to address it. At the same time, however, such cooperation among the North African states, high on the list of those affected, remains woefully insufficient. And if this conference is any indication, the extent of U.S. support for this common cause, certainly in its public manifestations, could also benefit from greater effort and attention.

US-Algerian Cooperation in Transnational Counterterrorism

Hakim Gherieb

For a decade, Algeria dealt with terrorist groups and learned their tactics. It managed to restrain them and curb their power such that its counter-terrorism expertise is now required by Western capitals, namely Washington. This prompted the U.S. to conclude a security cooperation agreement on counter terrorism with Algeria.

The African Economic Safari of Mohammed VI

Mohamed Chtatou

Africa is undoubtedly the future of humanity; this is not a cliché, it is reality. It has the resources, natural and human diversity, aspiring youth, and iron will to step into action and make things happen for the benefit of its peoples...The world must help Morocco politically and financially in its positive African development safari for the benefit of all.

From Cairo to Berlin: Why is ISIS Targeting Christians?

Mohamed Soliman

As the Islamic State continues to lose strength in Iraq and Syria, it will continue to increase the number and intensity of its attacks against Christians in Egypt and Europe...It is in the West’s interest today not to declare any war on Islam, so as not to give ISIS any excuse to use an “Islam versus Christianity” mantra or anything else that would enable it to attract more recruits and supporters.

An Open Letter from a Young Saudi to Prince Mohammad bin Salman


I would like to offer a candid view that speaks for many Saudis of my generation. Like King Talut of the Holy Koran (corresponding to the biblical King Saul), whom the Koran credits with saving the Jewish people from an enemy bent on their destruction, the young prince bears a similar responsibility – addressing many challenges in order to achieve the goal of transforming his people to greater strength.

Sisi and the Copts: Grim Prospects for a Troubled Relationship

Ramy Aziz

The sentiment among Copts is that Sisi will provide no real security for their community. Copts will instead be left to attrition, loss, and neglect, facing on their own the depravity of terrorism — while Sisi, against ground realities, polishes his credentials and legitimacy to a world audience as a fighter of terrorism.