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Fikra Forum

خلق الحوار. التأثير على السياسة.

Generating Dialogue. Impacting Policy.

Europe’s Position on Iran Protests Looks Nothing Like a Decade Ago

Erika Naegeli

As protests erupted in more than twenty Iranian cities in the waning days of 2017, European leaders were placed in a precarious diplomatic position. When put side-by-side with European responses to the Green Revolution in 2009, the new statements reflect the tamer priorities of European countries: protecting their diplomatic and financial investments in the Iran Deal.

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A Palestinian Offer to Share Jerusalem

Taisir Amre

The Arab–Israeli peace process limps forward at best, but is more appropriately described as being paralyzed to the extent that it calls for an immediate intensive care with the United States as its only broker. President Trump surprised all parties by announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in violation of international legitimacy and UN resolutions, some of which were supported until recently by the United States itself.

The Unraveling Islamic Republic

Nir Boms and Shayan Arya

January 12, 2018 The recent demonstrations in Iran have caught many by surprise, especially those who have been attuned to voices sympathetic to the Iranian regime, like that of the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC). Yet the current unrest in Iran has confirmed what those more attuned to domestic conditions in the Islamic...

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Disputed Zones: A Reservoir of Eternal Conflict

Saied Qassim

A large proportion of the Iraq’s disputed zones fall within the administrative boundaries of the Nineveh governorate, areas in the Rabia-Zummar region where Sunni Kurds and Sunni Arabs are deeply intermeshed. The Sunni Arabs are split between those who support the Kurdistan Region (the Shamar and Jabour tribes) against the Shia Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), and those who believe that the PMU represent the efforts of the Iraqi state to preserve the unity of Iraq against the foundation of an independent Kurdish state motivated by the Baathist legacy.

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How to Understand Iran

Firas Elias

Following the eruption of the recent protests that began in Iran on December 28, 2017, due to growing inflation and unemployment, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei accused Iran's enemies of “trying to strike the Iranian nation.”