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A Plea for Moderate Islam

Mohammed S. Dajani

Rather than remaining bystanders, moderate Muslims need to join forces in recognition that their religion and its central texts have been hijacked by a small minority for political ends.

In Focus: Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran

Policy Focus 121

Nuclear Iran: A Glossary of Terms

Simon Henderson and Olli Heinonen

At a time when the possibility of military action against Iran's nuclear program is being hotly debated, the need for a clear understanding of the issues and the controversial science and technology behind them has never been more acute. Toward that end, The Washington Institute and the Harvard Kennedy...

Policy Focus 136

How Iranians Might React to a Nuclear Deal

Patrick Clawson and Mehdi Khalaji

As the P5+1 and Iran negotiate about the nuclear impasse, Iranian factional politics has heated up. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has made disparaging comments about the nuclear negotiations, yet supported continuing the talks. The Rouhani government is facing a variety of criticisms: it is vigorously defending its record at...