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Defeating Ideologically Inspired Violent Extremism
A Strategy to Build Strong Communities and Protect the U.S. Homeland

Matthew Levitt, Aaron Y. Zelin, Katherine Bauer, Jacob Olidort, Rand Beers, Adnan Kifayat, Samantha Ravich, and Eric Rosand

In this transition paper for the new administration, a bipartisan Institute study group details a policy for preventing violent extremism centered on countering the full range of Islamist and other extremist ideologies that pose security threats to the homeland.


Eyeing Raqqa
A Tale of Four Tribes

Andrew J. Tabler

This new Policy Note, based on interviews with members of the four most prominent Raqqa tribes provides detailed profiles of the tribes and their alliances, and related prospects for cooperation with U.S.-backed forces.

Transition 2017

Policy Notes

General Principles to Guide U.S. Middle East Policy

James F. Jeffrey and Dennis Ross

Given the unprecedented turmoil and uncertainty afflicting the Middle East, the new administration will need to devote particular care and urgency to understanding the essence of America's interests in the region, and applying clear principles in pursuing them. This is the advice offered by two U.S. diplomats with...