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Research Programs

The Washington Institute has earned respect for its integrity and for its scholarship.

Max Kampelman, Senior Diplomat

The heart of The Washington Institute's work -- and the bedrock of its credibility -- is research. The Institute's own scholars are experienced in the policymaking community; fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), and Turkish; and well-versed in international relations, strategic studies, and the politics, economics, and history of the Middle East.

The Institute's in-house staff of experts, along with distinguished visiting fellows and associates from around the world, produce timely, high-quality research that brings knowledge, scholarship, and insight to bear on the debates that shape U.S. Middle East policy -- issues that are now at the heart of the U.S. foreign policy agenda for the first time in American history.

The Washington Institute currently supports eight in-house research programs:

  • Geduld Program on Arab Politics
    The Geduld Program on Arab Politics focuses on social, political, and economic developments in the Arab world.
  • Project on the Middle East Peace Process
    The Project on the Middle East Peace Process is committed to providing America's policymakers with timely analysis on issues of critical concern to Israel and its Arab neighbors.
  • Gulf and Energy Policy Program
    The Washington Institute's Gulf and Energy Policy Program focuses on the conservative Arab Gulf states and the key role these countries play collectively as a primary source of the world's oil and natural gas.
  • Iran Security Initiative
    The Washington Institute's Iran Security Initiative aims to generate critical analysis, private dialogue, public debate, and operational recommendations designed to address the many challenges posed by Iran.
  • Military and Security Studies Program
    The Military and Security Studies Program engages policymakers and educates the public on a range of issues that deeply affect the vital security interests of the United States.
  • Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence
    The Washington Institute's Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence is Washington's premier center for the study of international terrorism.
  • Project Fikra
    Project Fikra is a bold effort to counter the spread of radical extremism in the Middle East.
  • Turkish Research Program
    Since its inception in 1995, The Washington Institute's Turkish Research Program has established itself as the most influential center in Washington for research and information on Turkey.