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Rebuilding Iraq: The U.S.-Gulf Role

Aleksandra Zittle, Geoffrey Batt , and Shelly Culbertson

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February 16, 2018

Did the February 12-14 Kuwait Conference for Iraqi reconstruction make a difference for rebuilding war-torn areas, resettling displaced Iraqis, and laying the groundwork for elections in May? Watch a webcast with experts on Iraq's economy, politics, and infrastructure.

On February 12-14, Kuwait hosted the International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq, which aimed to raise $85 billion in private-sector investment for rebuilding destroyed areas, resettling displaced Iraqis, and laying the groundwork for elections in May. Will Gulf government backing and World Bank guarantees be enough to facilitate this investment windfall? And how will the United States support the plan given its decision to eschew financial contributions of its own?

To answer these questions, The Washington Institute hosted a Policy Forum with Aleksandra Zittle (who will be returning from the conference), Geoffrey Batt, and Shelly Culbertson. The event will be moderated by Bilal Wahab, the Institute's Nathan and Esther K. Wagner Fellow.

Aleksandra Zittle is the economic chief in the State Department's Office of Iraq Affairs.

Geoffrey Batt is the managing member of Euphrates Advisors LLC.

Shelly Culbertson is a senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation and coauthor (with Linda Robinson) of Making Victory Count After Defeating ISIS: Stabilization Challenges in Mosul and Beyond (2017).