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Iran on Notice

Katherine Bauer

A former Treasury official outlines the various steps Washington can take to support its stated goal of curbing provocative Iranian behavior such as ballistic missile tests, military interventionism, illicit financing, and terror sponsorship.


The Future of Leadership in the Shiite Community

Mehdi Khalaji

Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, a former Iranian judiciary chief who holds a prominent position in the Assembly of Experts, now has two paths to leadership of the Shiite community. The first is as a potential successor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who is seventy-seven. The second is as the preeminent religious...

Transition 2017

Policy Notes 31

General Principles to Guide U.S. Middle East Policy

James F. Jeffrey and Dennis Ross

Given the unprecedented turmoil and uncertainty afflicting the Middle East, the new administration will need to devote particular care and urgency to understanding the essence of America's interests in the region, and applying clear principles in pursuing them. This is the advice offered by two U.S. diplomats with...

Policy Notes 29

U.S. Policy on Turkey

James F. Jeffrey and Soner Cagaptay

The Trump administration should revamp policy toward Turkey to emphasize a transactional approach to critical bilateral issues, counsels two leading experts on U.S.-Turkish relations. In the first in a series of Washington Institute presidential transition papers addressing key policy challenges across the Middle East, former U.S. ambassador...