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Beginning of the End for East Aleppo

Fabrice Balanche

The Assad regime and Russia seem eager to establish full control of the city before the Trump administration takes office, essentially presenting the new president with a fait accompli on the war's most notorious front.

The Liberation of Mosul

PolicyWatch 2712

Beware of Muqtada al-Sadr

Phillip Smyth

Whether the popular Shiite cleric's motivations are ideological or political, Washington should make sure that neither his loyal militias nor any rogue splinter groups are tempted into further acts of violence against American personnel and interests.

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How Will the Battle for Mosul Unfold?

Michael Knights

Coalition and Iraqi planners seem to have settled on a phased approach aimed at encircling the city, hitting Islamic State targets with precision weapons, and minimizing civilian casualties, but the aftermath could prove more difficult than the battle itself.