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Saudi Arabia's War in Yemen: A View from the Ground

Michael Knights

Also available in العربية

The Hill

March 26, 2018

Washington should not abandon its low-cost military assistance, which is helping to counter cross-border missile attacks, reduce collateral damage from airstrikes, protect global sea lanes, and push the Houthis back to the negotiating table.

This past week I returned from Yemen, where I visited every key battlefront, from the depopulated missile-scarred towns of the Saudi-Yemen border to the mountains overlooking Sana'a from the east, to the Red Sea coastal plains where Yemeni, Saudi, Emirati and Sudanese forces are closing on the Houthis' last port. The visit reinforced my sense that the war is poorly understood in Washington and other capitals. In fact, U.S. military support is helping to set the conditions for an end to hostilities and a reduction of famine and cholera. The more I have learned in recent years about the gritty realities of the coalition war effort, the more I have been convinced that this is a fight worth supporting...

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