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Reshaping U.S. Aid to the Palestinians

Dennis Ross, Dave Harden, and David Makovsky

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The Hill

September 13, 2018

Plenty of good actors remain on both sides of the Green Line, and by partnering with them, Washington can build on what has worked since Oslo and discard what has failed.

Although there is good reason to challenge UNRWA, the agency provides 13,000 jobs in the Gaza Strip and basically pays for the schools and children’s food programs. Gaza is already reeling, and the UNRWA cut makes a bad situation worse. Given the dim prospects for diplomacy, the need to change reality on the ground to restore a sense of possibility, and the proven importance of promoting development to reduce Israeli-Palestinian friction, we propose three recommendations for Congress to reprogram the $200 million fiscal 2018 monies and create a more stable economic, political, and security environment in Gaza and the West Bank...

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