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Principles to Guide U.S. Military Engagement in the Middle East

James F. Jeffrey and Michael Eisenstadt

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Cipher Brief

January 31, 2017

The military cannot be effective unless it is used to implement policies based on sound geopolitical judgment and an accurate reading of the region's political and cultural realities.

Some of the most significant challenges the Trump administration will face are in the Middle East. These include the threat of salafi-Jihadist terrorism, Iran's efforts to create a "Shiite crescent" spanning the region, and a resurgent Russian role. In the Middle East, President Donald Trump, like his last five predecessors, will be a wartime president -- whether he wants to or not...

Read the full article on the Cipher Brief website, or download the longer study from which it is drawn, U.S. Military Engagement in the Broader Middle East (Washington Institute, 2016).