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Glossary of Persian Translation

Mehdi Khalaji

Also available in فارسی

June 2019

The Washington Institute began systematically translating new and archived analysis into Persian in early 2018, in preparation for the October launch of our Persian website. In the course of preparing these articles, Institute translators have been guided by a preference for accuracy and idiomatic clarity - that is, choosing words and phrases in common use in Persian media and that would be accurately understood by educated readers and journalists. Although each English-original text must be translated individually and with close attention to its particular context, the Institute has developed guidelines to encourage consistency among our articles. For example, although in most cases we have translated "nuclear" as "haste'i," in some cases we have found "atomi" to be more straghtforward. 

We are making our internal translators' glossary available to the public in PDF format. Originally posted in June 2019 in its second edition, we intend to update the glossary from time to time. The most recent edition of the glossary will always be found here. The Institute welcomes comments and suggestions regarding this glossary and our Persian translations; feel free to send feedback to [email protected].