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Memorial Event: Dr. Barry Rubin

Tributes by Patrick Clawson, David Schenker, Dr. Wolfgang Schwanitz, and Lee Smith

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April 10, 2014

The fellows and staff of the Institute joined with scholars from around the globe to honor the memory of our friend and colleague Dr. Barry Rubin.

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On April 10, family, friends, and colleagues of Dr. Barry Rubin gathered to celebrate his life, work, and legacy during a special memorial event at The Washington Institute. Dr. Rubin succumbed after a long battle with cancer in February.


Those paying tribute to Dr. Rubin included Washington Institute director of research Dr. Patrick Clawson, Institute Program on Arab Politics Program director David Schenker, Middle East scholar and coauthor of Barry's final book Dr. Wolfgang Schwanitz, and Lee Smith of the Weekly Standard and the Hudson Institute. The program included a special written contribution by Professor Walter Laqueur as well as a video tribute from Professor Uriel Reichman, founder and president of IDC Herzliya.

A brilliant scholar, prolific author, and fearless advocate for historical accuracy, Dr. Rubin had a long association with The Washington Institute, serving as a senior fellow from 1988-1993 and as a visiting fellow frequently thereafter. He was the author of numerous Institute studies on a broad cross section of subjects including Arab-Israeli relations, Syria, Jordan, and the Gulf.

Dr. Rubin served as director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the journal Middle East Review of International Affairs. His many books include The Truth about Syria (2007), The Long War for Freedom (2006), Hating America: A History (2004), and Yasir Arafat: A Political Biography (2003).