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I’m an Ardent Zionist. But Israel’s Annexation Makes No Sense.

Robert Satloff

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Washington Post

June 25, 2020

If Netanyahu decides to throw prudence aside and proceed with the move, it would impose impossibly high costs and deliver few benefits.

This is a tough time to be a cheerleader for the U.S.-Israel relationship. It is not easy to watch as our close partner—with the reckless encouragement of the White House—considers annexing parts of the West Bank, a policy that would imperil both countries’ interests despite the clear availability of better alternatives. I am proud of my advocacy for the bond between these two nations, which has spanned my whole career as a scholar and think tank director. I argued publicly that the United States should move its embassy to Jerusalem. I opposed the Iran nuclear deal and urged senators to vote against that flawed agreement. I believe bolstering Israel advances U.S. interests, strengthening a pro-American ally in the world’s most turbulent region. And yet even to an ardent proponent of U.S.-Israel cooperation, this example of it defies all logic...

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