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If Trump Pulls Out of the Iran Deal, What’s Our New Strategy?

Robert Satloff

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The Hill

May 1, 2018

Withdrawal alone doesn’t offer a means of keeping Iran from nuclear weapons, responding to reactions from friends and adversaries, or clarifying the administration’s wider regional objectives.

President Trump sent mixed messages about the future of the Iran nuclear agreement during his French counterpart’s visit last week. Taken together, it was vintage Trump, who revels in keeping both allies and adversaries guessing about his next step. Come May 12, the date set in law to extend waivers on sanctions, it remains anyone’s guess whether he will scrap a deal he long has derided as the worst ever negotiated. But if the president pulls America from the deal and simply lists its flaws, even longtime critics of the accord (myself included) should withhold their applause. Withdrawing from the agreement is an act, not a strategy...

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