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Escalation in Yemen Risks Famine, Collapse, Iranian Entrapment

Eric Pelofsky

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The Hill

February 23, 2017

Washington should not lend its support to any proposal that will make the Yemeni people long-term hostages to an Iran-enabled quagmire.

The Yemen civil war enters its third year next month. For much of the war, the Obama administration counseled its close partner Saudi Arabia against being drawn deeper into a war of attrition being fueled in part by the Iranians at very low cost. Flash forward to today, the Yemeni government and its coalition backers, including the Saudis, are rapidly escalating their military efforts. The United States has been asked to assist this effort, through more support and additional precision-guided munitions. Yet before responding to new requests for support, U.S. decisionmakers must ask tough questions about whether this escalation and the strategy behind it will advance U.S. interests or contribute to a protracted war and increased hunger in Yemen... 

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