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Policy Papers 12

Development Diplomacy: U.S. Economic Assistance to the West Bank and Gaza

Joyce Starr

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For more than a decade, U.S. policymakers have sought, at least indirectly, to supplement their efforts to promote political reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians with economic support to improve the socio-economic conditions in the West Bank and Gaza. U.S. efforts have been premised on the assumption that economic progress can build the foundation of social stability and moderation necessary to support an Israeli-Palestinian settlement.  

In this Policy Paper, Joyce Starr provides the first comprehensive summary of the extensive international efforts to promote economic development in the West Bank and Gaza. Tracing the history of U.S., European, Jordanian, and Israeli economic programs in the territories, Dr. Starr’s report includes an examination of the economic and political consequences of the intifadah and Jordanian withdrawal.

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