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Despite Attacks Egypt Maintains Conventional Military Strategy

Eric Trager

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Cipher Brief

April 9, 2017

Having demonstrated that he is a sincere partner and friend, President Trump can now approach Sisi for a serious conversation about helping Cairo improve its performance against jihadis in the Sinai.

Sunday's horrific terrorist attacks on Coptic churches in Tanta and Alexandria during Palm Sunday services, in which dozens have been killed and many more injured, should convince the Egyptian military to update its strategy against jihadis based in the Sinai Peninsula. While these aren't the first bombings for which the Islamic State's Sinai-based branch has claimed responsibility, the simultaneity of Sunday's dual attacks suggests that, in recent months, the jihadis have become more capable, more lethal, and better connected beyond their base in northern Sinai. Yet, unfortunately, Egypt's internal political dynamics make it unlikely that the military will adopt a more effective strategy against ISIS in Sinai anytime soon...

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