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Dateline Egypt and North Africa: Updates from the Field

David Pollock, Eric Trager, and Aaron Y. Zelin

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March 5, 2013

As Secretary Kerry makes his inaugural Middle East trip, states across North Africa face rising tensions among the forces for democracy, stability, and Islamic political ascendancy. In Egypt and Tunisia, revolutions have given way to uncertainty and violence, while Morocco's model of stable reform -- a monarch with an Islamist prime minister -- tends to obscure other elements lurking just beneath the surface.

To assess these changes and their consequences for the region and the United States, three Washington Institute fellows recently conducted intensive research trips to each of these countries, where they spoke frankly with a wide range of government officials, opposition leaders, security officers, and human rights activists, both secularist and fundamentalist. To view their remarks, watch the video above or read their separate articles discussing their findings: