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Fikra Forum

Iran’s Ethnic Minorities Are Finding Their Own Voices—America Can Help

Rahim Hamid

A little-publicized fact about Iran is its ethnic diversity: though Turks and Persians are the largest ethnic groups within Iran, Iran’s eight major non-Persian ethnicities represent approximately half of the country’s total population. Yet since the Pahlavi monarchy’s creation of the modern Iranian nation-state in 1936, the rulers in Tehran have imposed a brutal chauvinistic system based on the supremacy of the Persian ethnicity and of the Shiite faith. This policy continued after the 1979 revolution, when hardline theocrats seized power to create the current ‘Islamic Republic.’

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The Path to a Second Republic in Algeria

Salim Abdullah el-Haj

Algerian authorities have sent a clear message that they are seriously considering implementing the promised reforms Bouteflika mentioned in his most recent letter. Furthermore, they have tried to keep things under control to help foster the environment necessary for that inevitable transition, the nature of which still sparks disagreements between the different parties.

What Arab Monarchies Should Take Away from their Neighbors’ Instability

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Understanding Egypt’s Limited Involvement in the Campaign Against Iran

Mohamed Maher

After U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s last visit to the Middle East, Cairo has attempted to appear aligned with Gulf States’ efforts against the Iranian regime, at least rhetorically. However, Egypt’s apparent reluctance to becoming deeply involved was highlighted by the Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz’s announcement that Egypt was likely to send a vice-minister in contrast to the participation of ministers from most other participating Arab states.

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Illegal Migration of Algerian Youths: A Haunting Problem

Ahmed Marwane

Since 2009, the Algerian government has attempted to prevent illegal emigration from its borders by introducing punitive measures against those who try to leave. Nevertheless, the country's deteriorating economic situation continues to push youths to flee toward Europe on “boats of death."

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