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Fikra Forum

Fikra Forum

Iraq’s New Dawn: A New Government and A New Political Reality

Farhad Alaaldin

The new Prime Minister of Iraq—Mustafa alKadhemi—has finally proven to be the nominee who has made it to the finish line and formed the 7th Iraqi government after the 2003 regime change. But even with the warm welcome both inside and outside of Iraq, the path for the new government is riddled with challenges and difficulties that must soon be overcome to put Iraq back on track.

Marib, Last Hope for Restoring the State in Yemen

Marib, Last Hope for Restoring the State in Yemen

Yasmin Al-Qadhi

A few weeks ago, the United Nation’s Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged Yemenis and international stakeholders to end hostilities and ramp up efforts to counter a potential outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though both the Yemeni government and Houthis welcomed his statements, and while the Saudi led Arab Coalition supporting the Yemeni government announced a unilateral immediate ceasefire for two weeks, the fights between Yemenis did not stop—especially in my hometown of Marib.

Fikra Forum

How the United States Can Bolster Economies In a Post-Coronavirus Middle East

Sarah Elzeini

Foreign policy strategists should expect that Middle Eastern governments will face even greater constraints in safeguarding peoples’ livelihoods and their countries’ economies after the threat of coronavirus subsides. Therefore, the United States must begin to forge a path towards a more collaborative foreign policy that seeks input from allies abroad without neglecting the values that are important to the people on the ground.

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