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Fikra Forum

Fikra Forum

New Polls: West Bankers Oppose Both Armed Revolt and U.S. Talks

David Pollock

Two fresh Palestinian public opinion polls taken in October paint a strikingly mixed picture of popular attitudes among the roughly 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The biggest surprise is that on many peace process issues, these Palestinians voice a harder political line than do their kinfolk in Gaza.

Mutual Recognition between Palestinians and Israelis Is Necessary for Peace

Fikra Forum

Palestinians, Israelis, and the Internet’s Imagined Communities

Hannah Kazis-Taylor

In recent years, social media has provided a digital bridge across the short but physically uncrossable geographic distance separating Palestinian populations. But within an already-divided Israeli society, social media encourages both sides to occupy mutually exclusive echo chambers, further eroding the possibility of a two-state solution.

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