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Dana Moss

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Dana Moss is Next Generation fellow at The Washington Institute.


Dana Moss is the Next Generation fellow at The Washington Institute, focusing on Libya and North Africa. Previously, she was a Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Brussels-based Transatlantic Institute, focusing on political reform and the role of Europe in the Middle East. Her research there covered civil society and Islamism in the Middle East as well as the role and challenges of the Barcelona process and the European Neighborhood policy. In 2006, she worked at Middle East Consulting International, a business-development consultancy for the private and public sectors.

Ms. Moss has published extensively on the Middle East in the Guardian, the New Statesman, the Christian Science Monitor, the Arab Reform Bulletin, and elsewhere.

Education: M.Phil. in modern Middle Eastern studies, Oxford University; bachelor of law with honors, Manchester University

Languages: Arabic, French, Hebrew

Expertise: North Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Arab and Islamic politics, battle of ideas

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