Jun 6, 2023

Webcast: Israeli opposition leader and former defense minister and chief of staff Benny Gantz on Israel's challenges at home and abroad.

New Study

Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman, President Biden, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu (with backdrop of national flags)
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Saudi Normalization with Israel, Domestic 'Transformation,' and U.S. Policy
A near-term breakthrough may be unlikely, but President Biden is well positioned to apply his energy toward negotiating a historic deal that establishes peace and advances American interests.
May 1, 2023
  • Robert Satloff

Interactive Map: ISIS Global Activity

New Book

Composite image showing the cover of the book "25 Days to Aden" and a UAE tank.
25 Days to Aden
An in-depth look at the dramatic campaign by Arab special forces and Yemeni tribesmen to liberate a crucial port city.
January 2023
  • Michael Knights

Strategic Study

Eisenstadt monograph cover; U.S. "Plumbbob Hood" nuclear weapons test, 1957
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Iran's Nuclear Hedging Strategy:
Tehran’s willingness to pause aspects of its nuclear program may offer opportunities to stoke regime concerns about the potential costs of moving forward. 
Nov 29, 2022
  • Michael Eisenstadt

Arab Public Opinion 2014 to Today

Fikra Interactive Public Polling Platform Thumbnail
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TWI Interactive Polling Platform
Interactive datasets, from 2014 to today
Jun 30, 2022

In Focus: Gulf States

Will OPEC’s Cuts Stabilize the Oil Market—and Affect Gas Prices at the Pump?
The cartel’s idea of price stability doesn’t match Washington’s, nor will it help international efforts to isolate Russia.
Jun 5, 2023
  • Simon Henderson