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A suspected Hezbollah tunnel under the Lebanon-Israel border discovered by the IDF - source: Reuters
Hezbollah Infiltrates Israel (Part 1): Another Step Toward Changing the Rules of the Game
Despite representing a significant escalation, the incident also continues a longstanding pattern of behavior aimed at rewriting the informal understandings established since the 2006 war.
Mar 21, 2023
  • Matthew Levitt

Middle East Matters

Lebanese protesters hold signs reading "Fearless" in Arabic in response to the assassination of Lokman Slim - source: Reuters
Middle East Matters, Episode One: The Murder of Lokman Slim: Justice Delayed in Lebanon
Watch a special conversation about the murder of Lebanese activist and writer Lokman Slim between veteran Lebanese journalist Hanin Ghaddar and Slim's widow and colleague, Monika Borgmann.
Mar 14, 2023
  • Hanin Ghaddar

New Study

Syrian refugees leaving Turkey after earthquake
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Turkish Backlash:
A narrowing space for reliable media has encouraged alternative platforms that promote hateful language, bigotry, and racism directed toward Syrians.
Mar 20, 2023
  • Sude Akgundogdu

New Book

Composite image showing the cover of the book "25 Days to Aden" and a UAE tank.
25 Days to Aden
An in-depth look at the dramatic campaign by Arab special forces and Yemeni tribesmen to liberate a crucial port city.
January 2023
  • Michael Knights

Strategic Study

Eisenstadt monograph cover; U.S. "Plumbbob Hood" nuclear weapons test, 1957
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Iran's Nuclear Hedging Strategy:
Tehran’s willingness to pause aspects of its nuclear program may offer opportunities to stoke regime concerns about the potential costs of moving forward. 
Nov 29, 2022
  • Michael Eisenstadt

Arab Public Opinion 2014 to Today

Fikra Interactive Public Polling Platform Thumbnail
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TWI Interactive Polling Platform
Interactive datasets, from 2014 to today
Jun 30, 2022