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Photo showing the Iron Dome defense system intercepting Hamas rockets over Ashkelon, Israel, in May 2021.
Hamas-Israel Violence: Context and Trajectory
What caused the outbreak of violence between Hamas and Israel? What does each side seek to gain from the conflict, and how can Washington contribute to efforts to deescalate or end the fighting? Watch an expert webcast to explore the situation and what Washington can do to help de-escalate the situation.
May 14, 2021
  • Ghaith al-Omari
  • Ehud Yaari
  • Lucy Kurtzer-Ellenbogen

Recent Institute Analysis

Stopping the Cycle in the Mideast
In addition to seeking Egypt’s help with mediation, the Biden administration needs to recognize that several motivations are driving Hamas in this round, so raising the cost to the group cannot just be measured in military terms.
May 14, 2021
  • David Makovsky
  • Dennis Ross

Employment Opportunity: Media Relations Associate

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy is a nonpartisan think tank focused on advancing a balanced and realistic understanding of American interests in the Middle East. We are currently seeking a fulltime Media Relations Associate in our Washington, D.C., office.

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Webcast: Redevelopment & Deconfliction in Syria

The Economic Future of Northeast Syria
Experts discuss the humanitarian, trade, and security measures that are necessary to stabilizing the northeast and preventing the Islamic State and Assad from extending their harmful influence there.
Apr 23, 2021
  • Jennifer Cafarella
  • Sasha Ghosh-Siminoff
  • Kenneth R. Rosen

New Study Release

al-Sahaba Mosque, Darnah, Libya
'A Caliphate That Gathered' Addressing the Challenge of Jihadist Foreign Fighter Hubs
By devoting resources to areas of concentrated recruitment, the Biden administration can reduce the scope of future Middle East conflicts along with the likelihood that U.S. troops will once again be drawn into them.
Apr 15, 2021
  • Nate Rosenblatt

Institute Experts Urge Biden Administration to Clarify to Palestinian Authority Implications of Hamas Participation in Elections

Hamas participation in upcoming Palestinian Authority elections could lead to a step backwards for U.S.-Palestinian relations. Elections that produce a PA whose ministers and officials include people unwilling to renounce violence, recognize Israel, and abide by past agreements are incompatible with the ultimate objective of a two-state solution. Clear communication ahead of the vote could avert major problems later.

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2021 Presidential Transition Studies

Recent Webcast

Photo of Muslim World League secretary-general Mohammad Al-Issa visiting Auschwitz
Teaching the Holocaust in the Arab World
A remarkable panel of Arab educators, activists, and civic leaders share their experiences with breaking regional taboos and formulating effective ways to teach youths about genocide.
Apr 12, 2021
  • Ali al-Nuaimi
  • Zeina Barakat
  • El Mehdi Boudra

Sudden Succession Studies

Webcast with Tony Blair

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair
America, the Middle East, and the World: A Conversation with Tony Blair
The former Prime Minister discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the Biden administration twenty years after 9/11 and a decade after the Arab Spring.
January 11, 2021
  • Tony Blair