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Rules & Eligibility

Book Prize LogoI. Eligible Books

A. Subject Matter

Publishers may submit nonfiction books on any subject that bears on the modern Middle East or America's role in the region.

B. Language

1. Books submitted must be published in English. They may be works originally written in English or translations into English.

2. Only the first published English translation of any work is eligible. Subsequent English translations are ineligible.

C. Publishing Parameters

1. Books submitted must be published in printed form for trade or academic markets. Self-published works are ineligible.

2. Eligible books must be published in the United States. They may have been previously published in another country or countries.

3. The first U.S. English edition of the book must have been published between May 1, 2016, and May 1, 2017. A finished book submitted by May 1, 2017, is considered to be published.

4. Only whole works are eligible. Each book must have either a single author or two collaborative authors. Edited volumes, anthologies, chapters, articles, collections by more than two authors, proceedings of symposia, new editions of previously published books, bibliographies, dictionaries, and textbooks are ineligible.

II. Eligible Authors

A. Authors are eligible to receive the prize without regard to nationality or residence.

B. The author must be living at the time of the closing date for entries (May 1, 2017). In the case of a book by two authors, at least one of the authors must be alive on this date. Anonymous authors are eligible.

C. No entry shall be ineligible because its author has won The Washington Institute Book Prize or any other prize previously.

D. Books written by current employees or consultants of The Washington Institute, or books prepared in part while the author was an employee or consultant of The Washington Institute, are ineligible.

III. Entry of Books

A. Only publishers may submit entries. Individuals or groups other than a publisher may not make submissions. Authors interested in submitting their work should prompt their publisher to do so on their behalf.

B. Entries will be accepted only from a U.S. publisher.

C. Publishers must submit an official entry form for each title entered. Entries must be postmarked by May 1, 2017.

D. Six (6) copies of each title entered must be postmarked by May 1, 2017. Publishers may send books by express courier; in this case, packaging must indicate that no signature is required for delivery. The Washington Institute cannot be responsible for replacing items that are lost in the mail. Publishers are encouraged to submit copies well in advance of the deadline.

E. Entries must be submitted as finished books. Early entries may be submitted provisionally as bound galleys, but will not be considered unless finished books are received by the May 1 deadline.

F. Official entry forms must be accompanied by the entry fee of $150, payable by check or money order to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Should a publisher enter more than one title, the fee for each additional entry will be $50. The fee for any entry or subsequent entry submitted by a member publisher of the American Association of University Presses will be $50.

G. No items or payments submitted for entry will be returned regardless of eligibility.

H. The administrator of the prize reserves the right to invite publishers to submit specific titles after the deadline.

IV. Jury

A. A panel of judges is responsible for selecting prize winners.

B. The task of the jury is to select books that, in their opinion, best fulfill the purpose of the prize.

C. The jury's choice of winners shall be binding and final.

V. Conditions of the Award

A. The Washington Institute awards three book prizes: the Gold Prize, $25,000; the Silver Prize, $10,000; and the Bronze Prize, $5,000. The prizes may not be divided or withheld.

B. The publisher of a winning title will agree to acknowledge receipt of the prize in any advertising and promotion of the book subsequent to the award announcement.

C. The publisher of a winning title will agree to incorporate the design of The Washington Institute Book Prize Winner seal (provided free of charge by the prize administrator) into the front jacket design of any subsequent printing(s) of the winning book. If the publisher has difficulty using the prize seal, alternative forms of recognition on the book cover are acceptable.

D. The publisher of a winning title will agree to provide ten (10) copies of the published book to The Washington Institute immediately subsequent to the award announcement.

E. The publisher of a winning title will agree to allow publication of a chapter-long excerpt on The Washington Institute's website.

F. Winning authors will be required to provide tax documentation before the prize money is released, and, in some cases, winnings will be subject to tax withholding.

VI. Administrative Details and Further Information

A. Contact Information

Publishers seeking clarification of the rules should contact the prize administrator:

The Washington Institute Book Prize
The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
1111 19th Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036
Ph: 202-452-0650
Send an email

B. Key Deadline

May 1, 2017: Official entry forms, entry fee, and six (6) copies of each book or bound galley must be postmarked by this date.

C. Disclaimer

The rules listed above are subject to change without prior notice. For the most updated information on The Washington Institute Book Prize, please refer to this webpage.